Monday, January 19, 2015

Zucchini Pasta

* I have just started on my journey to health and healing, and I am taking it slow! I dont know about you guys but if I just jump into eating crazy healthy, then I cave and then I think, "well I've already had one piece of cake, might as well have one.. NO! two more. then by the next day im like.... well I suck, I'll try doing it another time. So I am starting off with eating one healthy meal a day, and todays was zucchini pasta with creamy avocado dressing. Knowing my family would never eat the avocado dressing I made them the traditional speghetti sauce, with chicken on the top.

I really liked the avocado dressing but it does taste healthy lol.. I cant have tomato sauce. But my hubby and kids really liked it. it was made from scratch!

ok enough blabering here is the recipe:
**feeds a family of 4

4 Zucchini's (I used the veggit machine to make them into noodles) cook on skillet for a few minutes with a dash of olive oil.
Avocado dressing:
                             1 avocado
                             1 tsp of crushed garlic
                              1/3 cup of almond milk ( add enough to make it creamy )
                              pinch of salt, or to desired taste
                              squeezed lemon
                             chopped up fresh oregeno (about 1 tbls)
                             chopped up fresh parsely (about 1 tbls)
                             pinch of onion pwd and garlic pwd
add all ingredients into a food processor or blender. and blend until creamy. and add to zucchini pasta and enjoy! it might be good with some sprinkled parmesean cheese on it. but im trying to avoid dairy

Tomoto sauce
                      2 Tomatoes
                      Italian seasoning packet
                      dash of water
                      dash of salt
*optional- grilled chicken.we added some grilled chicken to the top of ours just cuz the hubs wanted some meat on it.

I hope you guys enjoy! it was a delicious meal and my kids loved the zucchini spegehetti!
its a good start to my juice cleanse that stacie is making me do in february! I have to start eating healthy now so its not much of shock to my body!


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