Monday, January 26, 2015

How to heal and prevent haital Hernia and Acid Reflux

As you guys might know already I have started to eat healthy and change my diet because I have a Hiatal hernia, It is caused from severe acid reflux or vomiting. During my 3 pregnancies I was always sick, throwing up and had constant severe heartburn. and medications wouldn't help. Because I had these problems it created a severe hernia. I would get crazy chest pains. that hurt so bad I couldn't move or breathe. Anyways like in the picture the hernia is that bulge in the esophagus. and It hurts!!! 

I have decided to change my diet and heal this thing with food and a juice cleanse. which is starting in a week! aahh! I have mixed feelings about the cleanse:)  

I decided to give you guys some pointers on healing and helping with this pain.  

First off I want to start with foods that heal and help with acid reflux. To cure a hiatal hernia you need to get rid of the acid reflux.

Antioxidant-rich fruits, such as blueberries, black berries and cherries may ease your symptoms. Foods that contain vitamin B-6 will help as well. such as almonds, spinach, kale, and beans.

some home remedies you can do at home if  your having heartburn:
Ginger root- in any form has been known to help ease heartburn

Baking Soda- Yes I know. It sounds GROSS! But it actually works. I have done this so many times and it helps. You just mix a tsp of baking soda with 8 oz of water and drink it as fast as you can. It is known as an acid neutralizer.

Apple cider vinegar- This one is gross too. but its soooo good for you. It has so many health benefits. It has to be the apple cider vinegar not distilled. and organic. You can take about 1 tbls in water or plain and it is an acid neutralizer as well.

Now I feel like a lot of these foods are a no brainer. But some of them I was surprised. Like chocolate! who wants to give up chocolate! I sure don't. And coffee??! anyways.... To get rid of acid reflux and heal the hernia. You have to avoid certain foods such as, Chocolate, Dairy, fried foods, coffee, citrus(with the exception of lemons, those are pH balancing which help neutralize your system), butter and oil, spicy food. garlic and onions, carbonated beverages. Ya there's not much left except fruits and veggies! :) which are the best thing for our bodies! Fruits and veggies heal our bodies and are the best way to get all the nutrients and vitamins we need! Its is a hard adjustment to get into, eating mainly fruits and veggies. Especially when your craving those french fries! But it is so worth it to heal your body the natural way! your body will thank you! Mine is already starting too! my acid reflux has been going down significantly. The pain the hernia causes is slowly fading. and I'm loosing weight! which we would all love right!

I hope that helps!  Let me know if you have any thing you would like to add or if you have any questions on the matter!

                                                                 ---- Kristel

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