Monday, January 19, 2015

Natural Strep Throat Cure

This food based strep throat cure has been used in our family for over 15 years and we all swear by it! Granted, we don't tend to get strep throat anymore now that we don't drink dairy- but we've had a couple cases pop up in the last decade within our family and this is the recipe we give all our family and friends when they are looking for a natural cure.

I'm not going to lie- it hurts going down (thanks to the Cayenne!). Like, really really burns. BUT you have to ask yourself- would you rather have strep for a week+ (sore throat and all) OR would you rather suffer the temporary burn and kick that nasty strep to the curb in as quick as a day or two?

You will need: 
Raw Unfiltered dark honey
Cayenne (any heat unit)

*Simply chop 3 cloves of garlic into tiny bits small enough to fit on a tablespoon and small enough for you to swallow whole.
*Then fill that spoon full of dark raw unfiltered honey.
*Finally, sprinkle cayenne pepper on top. Now plug your nose and swallow that entire spoonful! Repeat every few hours making sure you get in at least 4-6 doses by the end of the day.

The garlic will kill the infection so fast those tiny bad bugs won't know what hit them (Garlic is antibacterial AND antiVIRAL!). The Cayenne forces a ton of white blood cells to the surface essentially forcing your little tiny white blood cell soldiers straight to the source to kick some serious "bad guy" butt! The honey soothes the throat and helps the garlic and cayenne to stick to the back of your throat.

Obviously this recipe is not for young children- but there's a quick fix for that: Simply omit the cayenne and use garlic oil instead of chopped raw garlic. The garlic oil (about a tincture lid full) combined with the honey will create a sweet syrup your kids can safely and easily swallow.

***Know of any other natural strep throat cures? Sound off in the comments!***

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