Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fed Up Documentary Review

I'm a bit of a documentary freak. Especially when it comes to social causes.

I don't typically watch documentaries on nutrition as I feel like they are redundant (for my personal growth- I like to learn NEW things)
HOWEVER... for whatever reason this documentary spoke to me and I decided to give it a go.

First off- this documentary was incredibly well researched and put together. Katie Couric narrates the entire movie and you can't help but feel her passion and frustration as she guides you through one of the biggest political cover up stories ever told.

But rather than give away the entire premise- (because you should definitely watch it yourself) I'll just give you a quick synapsis as well as my thoughts on what was taught:

Fed Up follows the lives of several young kids with diabetic, prediabetic, and obesity issues. It discusses exactly how the food industry (big chain fast food, grocery stores, and big name food labels) continuously sabotage our Western views on diet and nutrition in the name of politics, money, and power. 

Several leading experts discuss the age old adage of "calories in- calories out- aka diet and exercise.  They agree that not only is this idea misleading but also completely false doctrine. 

Basically, you can count calories all day long and exercise your heart out but it won't necessarily lead to weight loss and it especially doesn't mean you are healthy. They discuss being "Fat on the Inside"- which  means that you appear skinny on the outside but your insides (heart and other organs) are laden with fatty deposits and function on levels comparable to obese patients. 

 But the primary message being sent throughout the entire documentary is the misconceptions about sugar. If nothing else this message should shake you to your core!

In the end all the nutritional and medical experts agree that the only way to true optimum health is a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

I was thoroughly engaged the entire movie.  My two young daughters age 9 and 10 even got sucked into the movie! The fact that the movie follows young children with real life struggles their age makes it not only kid friendly- but also engaging for the younger audience. 
I even learned something new via the politics of nutrition - which completely appalled me- but not surprisingly  so as I have very little faith in politics to begin with. 


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